MidasFXTrades Review – Key Reasons to Steer Clear of Investment


Uncovering MidasFXTrades: Legitimate Investment or Potential Scam?

Delve into the legitimacy of MidasFXTrades as we unveil red flags that suggest caution is warranted. The absence of ownership details and the lack of authorization from any regulatory body, including the notable absence from NFA and CFTC records in the US, raise concerns about the transparency of this investment company. With no presence in Tier 1 regulatory registers like FCA, BaFin, or ASIC, potential investors are advised to be vigilant and wary of potential risks associated with MidasFXTrades.

MidasFXTrades Exposed: Unraveling the Crypto Scam

Within a brief two-month existence, MidasFXTrades, a purported investment company, faced exposure as a crypto scam. Multiple Trustpilot comments detail a recurring experience where the company allegedly demands tax payments before releasing funds, only to disappear without fulfilling its promises. This review unveils the manipulation tactics used by MidasFXTrades to attract traders, emphasizing the importance of caution and due diligence.

How MidasFXTrades Operates

MidasFXTrades, shrouded in anonymity, lacks ownership details and conceals its phone number, casting doubt on its legitimacy. Traders reportedly fall victim to persistent solicitation after expressing initial interest through hard-sales ads for seemingly free programs. Once deposits are made, withdrawal difficulties arise, prompting concerns about the company’s intentions.

Client Base

As of its registration in September 2023, MidasFXTrades primarily targets victims in the United States and Finland. Traders are encouraged to share their experiences to raise awareness and potentially aid others in avoiding falling prey to the alleged MidasFXTrades BTC scam.

Trading Platforms and Mobile App

MidasFXTrades refrains from disclosing details about its trading software, conditions, or fees. The absence of transparency raises concerns, especially since reputable platforms like cTrader or MetaTrader are not offered. The lack of information on mobile apps further diminishes confidence in the platform.

Financial Instruments

While claiming to offer a variety of assets, MidasFXTrades reportedly focuses on cryptocurrencies, leveraging their traceability and irreversible transfers. The absence of regulatory oversight raises questions about the security and legitimacy of trading with this platform.

Account Types

MidasFXTrades presents various account types, offering different levels of training, bonuses, signals, and account managers based on deposit amounts. However, the lack of regulatory backing raises doubts about the legitimacy of these offerings.

Demo Account

Unfortunately, MidasFXTrades does not provide a demo account, leaving traders with limited options for assessing the platform’s functionality and reliability.

Fees, Leverage, and Commission:

The absence of disclosed fees or commissions raises suspicions about MidasFXTrades’ revenue model, leading to concerns that profits may solely come from user deposits. The lack of regulatory oversight compounds the uncertainty surrounding the platform.

Welcome Bonus and Withdrawals

MidasFXTrades claims to offer welcome bonuses of up to 25%, but the absence of transparent terms and conditions casts doubt on the legitimacy of these incentives. Reports of withdrawal difficulties and the alleged tax withdrawal trick further underscore the risks associated with engaging with MidasFXTrades.

Traders are advised to exercise extreme caution and consider licensed alternatives to avoid potential scams and financial losses.


  • Is Midasfxtrades a Legitimate Investment Company?

    No, Midasfxtrades lacks any credible licensing from trusted authorities, and there are reports of fraudulent activities associated with this company.

  • Can I Recover Money From a Trading Scammer?

    Certainly. By sharing your experience with us, our refund team can formulate a strategy to help you reclaim your funds. Contact us today to explore your options.

  • What do you do?

    We are “Funds Recovery” an international company, specializing in the recovery of funds from fraudulent online activities, with a global and diverse international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.