Pay Back Ltd. Review – Can Scam You?


Is Pay Back Ltd. a Scam?

Pay Back Ltd, an online company that offers funds recovery services, is a company that advertises its services on the internet. Thet offer free consultations, which should allow them to filter out cases with no chance of success and pursue only those that have a good chance. They do not do this.

This company will take on any case and drag it out, even if they know that the case is not going to succeed.

We did some digging and found that this website is operated by the same company as the nearly identical website Funds Recovery.

They do not acknowledge this, which casts doubt on all they claim. Pay Back Ltd is the subject of warnings from both the UK Financial Conduct Authority and Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority.

The FCA has yet to name the sister company Funds Recovery, but the FSMA has warned them against it. It is only logical to assume that both websites are run by the exact same company.

These warnings should be enough to make anyone avoid Pay Back Ltd.

Reputation – 1/5

The FCA’s warning is very serious and a warning by the FSMA adds to the doubts about this company. Pay Back Ltd. is not a company we trust.

They have a long-standing reputation for being to be avoided.


Credentials – 2/5

According to the FSMA warning, Pay Back Ltd. is a cloned company. This means that they are using a legitimate company’s name. Their credentials are all fake and stolen from an actual company.

These people are trying to fool people into believing that they are legit.

Public Opinion – 2/5

Pay Back Ltd’s website contains a number phony testimonials. Real online reviews expose this company as a scam.

Their past clients have made it clear that nobody should be using their services.

Transparency – 1/5

Pay Back Ltd. and Funds Recovery are two websites that the company behind them does not want clients to be aware of. This type of deception shows how this company cannot be trusted.

Transparency is non-existent. You will not know what this company does with your data if you do business with them.

Success Rate – 2/5

This company accepts every case that is offered. These cases may not have any chance of a refund. The customer is charged and they waste their time.

You will not know your chances of winning if you present your case to Pay Back Ltd.

Services Offered by Pay Back Ltd.

The company claims to be an agent who can help victims of online fraud. We question their claims due to the lack of transparency they show by operating two websites at once.

Free consultations are offered to potential clients in order to determine if the organization is a good fit for their needs. That’s at least what they say. They take any case, even if they don’t think it fits. They do not care about victims. They just want to get more clients.

Pay Back Ltd says that it has recovered upwards of $350.000 for clients since September 2020, but we doubt this to be true.

The website has a number of customer reviews which show what kind of client Pay Back Ltd wants. The reviews state that those who lost money to Forex, Binary Options and other investment frauds were able to recover their funds through Pay Back Ltd.

These are all on the website of the company, and there is no way to verify authenticity. Online, these types of fake testimonials can be found in abundance.

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The FCA Has Issued a Warning

The FCA released a press release regarding the activities of Pay Back Ltd. In the report, it is stated that “we believe this firm provided financial services or products to UK customers without our authorization.”

The UK offers some of the most comprehensive investor and consumer protections in the world, with the FCA acting as a vigilant watchdog to protect consumers from any potential dangers.

The FCA must approve organization offering financial services to UK residents. They advise that you should not deal with any Financial Firm without this approval.

Pay Back Ltd states on their website they are unable to assist, advise or refer any UK residents.

The FCA says that Pay Back Ltd does not appear to be affiliated with UK-registered company Payback Limited and that “it seems scammers are falsely using the name of the UK-registered company.”

The FSMA Has Issued a Warning

The FSMA went further than the FCA in stating that Pay Back Ltd was not registered. The FSMA has issued a warning stating that Pay Back Ltd is operating a recovery-room fraud.

The FSMA has reported a rise in scams over the last few months. The scam involves charging a variety of advance fees prior to any work being done in terms of funds recovery and then not providing any results for customers.

This type of fraud should be a big red flag for everyone to avoid this company.

The regulator has explicitly stated that Pay Back Ltd is operating illegally, and warned the public not to do business with them. The regulator also claims that Pay Back Ltd is a cloned company, which means that it has copied the identity of an authorized firm to deceive customers.

Avoid firms that charge advance fees or contact you without your consent.

Chargeback Is Your Solution!

A chargeback is the retroactive cancellation and refund of a charge made using your credit card, wire transfer or some other payment methods.

By putting together a compelling chargeback strategy from beginning to end, victims of online fraud have a relatively high probability of recovering some of all of their funds lost.

However, using a trustworthy service such as MyChargeBack is critical in this endeavour as a typical chargeback process can often be complex and drawn out without the right guidance.

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  • What is Pay Back Ltd.?

    Pay Back Ltd. is a financial services company that specializes in debt recovery and collection services. Theey help businesses and individuals recover outstanding debts through professional and ethical means.

  • How Does Pay Back Ltd. work?

    When you engage Pay Back Ltd., they conduct a thorough assessment of your outstanding debts and develop a customized strategy to recover them. Their team of skilled professionals employs various techniques such as negotiation, mediation, and legal action, if necessary, to collect the debts owed to you.

  • What Types of Debts Does Pay Back Ltd. Handle?

    Pay Back Ltd. handles a wide range of debts, including commercial debts, consumer debts, unpaid invoices, loans, credit card debts, and more.

  • Is Pay Back Ltd. licensed and compliant?

    Pay Back Ltd. has many negative reviews, as well as several warnings from the FCA and FSMA.